...so I found more polish :)

I had to take my Jeep to the dealership for some repair work, so I went all over Bloomington trying to track down some Wet n Wild polish. At my very last CVS store to check - I FOUND THEM! Well I found the original incarnation of them - from the Craze line.

These aren't the Fast Dry polishes - but it'll do!!! I nearly fell over when I saw them on the rack next to the Fast Dry display. I told the cashier I had been looking everywhere for these polishes, to which he replied in a very smooth voice, "That's because we're the best."

From what I can tell, the color of the polishes is slightly different with this line than the Fast Dry.  Like the Buffy one - this one looks more purple, and the Fast Dry version looks more blue. Speaking of which, my wonderful friend Tammy found a bottle of the Fast Dry Buffy polish and bought it for me!! She's going to send it to me :) I am beyond ecstatic. There was only one other color I was really wanting, but heck, I've been lucky to get what I got.