Is your eos lip balm growing mold?

EDIT: It's been discussed and brought to my attention, that this is happening with other lip balms and products as well, not just eos. It stems from the ingredients. While not isolated, it's not uncommon. You should check your own products with natural ingredients if you feel so inclined. Mine have no mold and have never had mold; yours might not have mold or ever have mold, either.

I am seriously just dumbfounded by reports that eos lip balms are growing mold! But apparently, this isn't a very farfetched notion! Reports of eos lip balms growing mold have been going on for a while. Why is this is the first I've heard of it??? You can see from this Facebook post on the eos Facebook page back in 2013, along with the response from eos...

Hello and thank you for writing us. We do very occasionally hear of this. Mold will grow on many surfaces, especially warm and moist places and on products with natural ingredients. The best way to prevent this is to try to not get the lip balm itself wet when applying it (apply to dry lips) and/or let any moisture that's on the lip balm dry before you put the top back on. I hope this helps and thank you for using our products. (Source is Facebook post linked above)
 So they know about it, and they'd had reports of it! According to Snopes, this is all true. However, as you can see in the photos above and below, mine are not even close to having a smidge of mold. Is it a climate thing? Is it how you use it? I have several eos lip balms, but I generally just use two of them. The top image is my vanilla mint lip balm, and the one below is blueberry from the Alice in Wonderland set.

So are you going to check your eos spheres? Did you even think about it before? I know I didn't! I won't stop using my eos lip balms unless I see mold. As I see it, this is a chance you take with natural ingredients. What do you think? Keep or toss?

**DISCLAIMER** I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these products myself or was given it as a gift.