Gettin' our game on with Game Face Wipes

My son is getting to the age where skincare is becoming a reality. He'll be 13 next month, and his skin is starting to be on the verge of a breakout, so we're trying all different manner of things - wipes, soaps, etc. - to try to find what his skin likes... and we're hoping his skin doesn't turn out as finicky as mine. So when we were offered the chance to try out cleansing wipes from Game Face Grooming, we jumped at the chance!

Literary Lacquers will open June 23 with new polishes and returning favorites!

Guess what, guess what! Literary Lacquers is opening up on Friday! That's the 23rd, and the gate will open at noon MDT. Not only will a few new polishes show up, but lots of favorites will be returning! There is a brand new trio based on a Neil Gaiman book that will be available.

Supernatural Join The Hunt eye shadow palette at Hot Topic!

Supernatural Join The Hunt eye shadow palette at Hot Topic!

Sometimes, when you're not looking for things, you find the most incredible things. Case in point, this eye shadow palette I stumbled upon at Hot Topic over the weekend. I seriously almost knocked my husband over when I saw the cover design. SUPERNATURAL. My boys, Dean and Sam. This set of eye shadows could not be more aptly named - the entirety of it is called Join The Hunt, and each shadow is named with something from the show.

New Zoya Lipsticks!

New Zoya Lipsticks

I have 3 new Zoya lipsticks to show you today! These 3 newbies on the block wear sort of like a light, airy gloss rather than a thick lipstick - which is perfect for summer!

Me Time? What's that?

One mom's me time

As a working (again) mom, I've come to cherish my alone time. For 9 years I was a stay-at-home mom, and I had a lot of free time as my child got older (and subsequently no longer wanted me around haha!) I just recently started back to work in an office environment, and I'm navigating my way back through trying to juggle working, parenting and housework. I recently took a solo trip to Wine and Canvas in Bloomington (which is about 45 minutes from where I live), and ended up doing a few other things along the way!