Blue polishes for Huntington's Disease Awareness Month

Huntington's Disease. Unless you're affected by it, you generally don't even know it exists. This hereditary genetic disorder runs in my family, and I have watched my grandmother and 3 aunts (and now a few cousins) suffer from this disease. There is a genetic test to determine whether or not someone has the disease, but there is no cure.

Wet n Wild California Roll 6-pan palette

I was SO EXCITED when I finally found this palette at Rite Aid! It's one of the limited edition Wet n Wild Silver Lake palettes. I knew, at once, that I had to have it - it's called California Roll! Sushi is one of my favorite things, so this palette just screamed at me! :)

Sally Girl Nail Polish Remover Petals

Sometimes, especially when I'm traveling, polish remover just isn't a possibility. That's where Sally Girl Nail Polish Remover Petals come in! They are ready-to-use pads soaked in polish remover, and in this case, they have a grape scent!