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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NYC Midnight Beauty Makeup Collection!

This post should have posted a few weeks ago, but apparently it never did! Ugh, I hate when that happens... I'm sure this NYC collection, Midnight Beauty, is still lingering around in various places,  but it is limited - so if you see it and want it, grab it! I have one of the eye shadow palettes, two of the lipsticks and a liquid eyeliner to show you.

This is the Vampiress palette (there is another palette in the collection), and the colors exude a smokey eye feel. They are decently pigmented, as you can see from my arm swatches. That's one swipe with my finger from palette to arm. I've had some not-so-pigmented palettes from NYC, but this isn't one of them.

The liquid eyeliner has a very precise brush! As you can see on my arm, I was able to draw not only the standard straight line, but a Z and a squiggle. I felt like I had nice control over the brush and my strokes, as well. I don't typically feel comfortable using liquid eyeliner for that very reason.

I've got two of the lippies to show you, and I believe there are three in this collection. While the colors are gorgeous, I had some trouble with them after they were applied. They went on creamy and spread easily, but they spread beyond my lips quickly. You will definitely need lipliner with these! I wore them without. I cannot attest to wear time, as I did not wear them anywhere significant, just around my house. You can see how messy I was with Immortal Vixen, she was a little feisty to get even coverage. It's such a dark color. I'm sorry!

Red or Alive

Immortal Vixen

So I got a wild hair and decided to do an ombre lip with these two colors. It's my first attempt at such a thing, so I think I need improvement. But it's not bad for my first try! I probably should have put Immortal Vixen on the outside and Red or Alive on the inside, but I did it this way :)

You can get these, in their own display wherever NYC is sold - I usually find mine at KMart and Rite Aid. These are in a special display, apart from the "core" display.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

My Monthly Stunning Nails - a new monthly subscription service!

I have something to share with you today that's brand new! It's a new nail art subscription service - My Monthly Stunning Nails, a new service from a fellow blogger. For $17.95 a month, you'll get all the things you need to craft adorable nails, plus a sketch-up sheet with instructions to get the cute nail art! Below is a shot of the sketch-up, and everything that came in the box:

  • Zoya polishes in Emilia and Barbie
  • A double ended brush/dotting tool
  • A blingy pink bow
  • An adorable silver ring

I followed the simple instructions on the sheet, using only these tools, and here are my results! Super cute and girly right? I will admit the blingy bow is just not something I would normally wear, but I won't deny feeling a bit flashy while I was wearing it hahah It caught the light.... and everything else I touched. It finally feel off after a while when I was washing my hands. Luckily, it didn't go down the drain. I saved it to use again :)

The extra in this box, the ring, is absolutely adorable. I wore this around the house last night just because. I love it! I'm having a girls day out with some friends this coming weekend, and I've decided I'm going to wear it :) haha

What do you think? I kinda like that this is so easy! The process, the kit, everything. While these colors or bling might not be totally me.... I won't deny I felt more girly with my nails this way hahah I like that everything you need to create the look is included, and that the instructions were simple, concise and very easy to follow. I also like the colors paired together in this month's box. In my opinion, the quality of the polish is almost worth the price of the kit. Plus, that double-ended tool is the best thing! I have a lot of striping brushes, but this one is by the far the easiest one for me to use.

You can get your own kits here, for $17.95/month. Each month is different. There is also a discount plan offered for the purchase of multiple months.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Doticures with Milani Color Statement Nail Polish!

Milani has completely revamped their polish and eyeshadow lines - and I've had the opportunity to test out the nail polish! There are so many of them that I decided to break them up into trios and show off some nail art. Today'a nail art, with these bright, catchy colors features dots. I've got two different doticures, the one above using flowers. Sometimes my flowers, especially when I try to do white daisies, end up looking like fried eggs. This one, tho, does look more like flowers :) Below is just a standard accent nail doticure. Nothing fancy :)

And what about the colors I used? Let's start with Corrupted Coral, a gorgeous bright, well, coral color. It leans heavy to the pinkish end of the spectrum, but it definitely is more coral in nature. I have no issues with this polish. Great in two creamy coats and super easy to apply.

Water Front is a beautiful blue. I do use two coats of base with blue and green polishes, and this one was no exception. I didn't have any staining with this pretty. Great formula. This one could actually be a one-coater is applied correctly. I used a first coat that was on the thin side.

Cupcake Icing is a hard color is describe. It's not quite pink, and it's not quite purple. I'll say it's a pinkish purplish orchid color (could that be real?) It's a very cheerful color, and goes in smooth in two coats.

Soooooooooooo, what do you think?  These are part of the core line of Milani makeup, so you can get them anytime (or from the website) - but if you see some you like, maybe you should pick them up? :)

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

What's on my Christmas list?

It's about that time again - Christmas! And I've got a list a mile long, of course. Do you have a list? I thought I'd take a little bit and share my list with you. It's full of items I hope to get soon, if not for Christmas! Let's start with some of the skin care items.

I've been pretty transparent about the fact that I love Sibu Beauty Repair and Protect Nourishing Facial Cream. I use it every night, and I am planning to repurchase when my bottle is empty. It's rich and luxurious and doesn't make my skin feel heavy when I use it. Plus, the scent is divine. That being said, I'd love to try out more Sibu product, such as the Hydrating Serum and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil. I think they'd really round out my beauty routine. Other skincare items I'm hoping to try include Nicci Marie Hyaluronic Acid Serum and OZ Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I REALLY need to get more serums in my routine, and these look really good!

How about some items for the face? I have been open about my struggles with big pores. My face has really changed as I've gotten older. I'll be honest. I was on a birth control pill for several years, and my skin was flawless during that time. Since I've been off the pill, four years now, my skin has slowly changed and my pores are, well, breaking free, so to speak. I saw the Derma Roller on someone's blog (and I can't remember who!), and it scared me. But researching and seeing other posts has made me realize I probably need it! Another facial item I've been wanting is the Conair True Glow Warm Steam and Cool Mist Facial System. I hope something like that could help with my pore situation

As for hair care products.... my hair has trouble holding curl and not being frizzy. I don't put a lot of product in my hair, and I do keep my hair cut in a short, layered style. That seems to be the only way to tame it :) I do need a new set of curlers, so I'm thinking of trying the Conair Compact Hairsetter and the John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush. Maybe if I switch up how I style and what I style with, it might make a difference. To work with the frizz, I'd like to see about Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave-In Anti-Frizz Serum.

For the more "body sculpting" area of my wishlist (hahah!) I've got two items I am in dire need of - an epilator and a pedicure file. I hate shaving my legs and underarms. I have to force myself to do it. But it takes me a little extra time to do both between my left hand not working and my sciatic nerve issues I had last year, I need something that's going to make it easier on me. I think the Braun Silk-├ępil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator should do the trick. I am always in flip flops, even in the winter, so my feet are always in need of a pedicure. With the Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File, I can work on that at home with out having to go get a professional pedicure :)

And just to keep in interesting, some makeup and nail items! Striping tape and brushes are things I've been wanting, and because I solely do my manicures at home, I'm always looking for new gadgets to helps with my at-home manis :) This tool, a cuticle pusher and nail cleaner, looks like it could be a very welcome addition to my routine.

So what's on your Christmas list? Do you have any of the items I've listed above? Or do you have a good alternative? What's your experience? I'd love to hear it! You can find an entire list of my items, on amazon, here.

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