CoaS Sequel: Deborah Lippmann's True Blood-inspired polishes

Deborah Lippmann's True Blood-inspired polishes
With the recent death of True Blood star, Nelsan Ellis, I was led to rewatch (and repost) the gorgeous Deborah Lippmann True Blood collection. These 4 polishes were originally sold as a trio and a polish+lipstick. I should dig out that lipstick, too. This post isn't really a review so much as a redo - I didn't like my older swatches so much.

Julie G Bohemian Dreams Collection

My, oh my. I think I might be back with a vengeance here. I have posts planned every day this week! But let's kick off this Monday with the gorgeous new Bohemian Dreams collection from Julie G! This set of bright, vibrant cremes is sure to put you in a free-spirited state of mind!

My first Uppercase Box!

I'm going to admit something here. I'm a 40-year-old woman, and I love YA books. The more supernatural, the better, actually haha! But when I got a job, I decided I needed a treat - and I decided to get the Uppercase Box! Uppercase is a monthly subscription box for YA lovers - AND THAT'S ME! I have to show you my first "box." It's super cool!

Hask Chia Seed Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Sometimes my life revolves around dry shampoo. I'm not even kidding. I have tried several, and I was recently given the opportunity to try out one from the new line of Hask dry shampoo - and I picked Chia Seed!

Gettin' our game on with Game Face Wipes

My son is getting to the age where skincare is becoming a reality. He'll be 13 next month, and his skin is starting to be on the verge of a breakout, so we're trying all different manner of things - wipes, soaps, etc. - to try to find what his skin likes... and we're hoping his skin doesn't turn out as finicky as mine. So when we were offered the chance to try out cleansing wipes from Game Face Grooming, we jumped at the chance!