The one with the discontinued polish

So I have this thing now. Zoya names their polishes after women. I, of course, now want all the polishes with the same names as my favorite TV characters. But as I was searching for my Smallville ladies, I noticed Chloe came up missing. WHAT? No Chloe?

Chloe is a sad panda.

Chloe was just discontinued. I found her on eBay. And it's nothing like what I expected.

As you may know, I'm not a pink polish person. I own three pinkish polishes, and ONLY because of their names. But here's Chloe:

She's extremely sheer. It took four very thick coats to get this look. And it had rampant VNL. The photo didn't quite capture the blue shimmer running through it, tho. It was really pretty under the light. Just not my color. Application was great if you don't count how many coats it took lol She'd be great layered over another polish.