The one where I talk about my accident

I realized this morning that I mention my accident frequently and not a lot of you have any idea what happened to me. So this post is just kind of an information post - so when I mention my accident (and it's anniversary) everyone will know what I'm talking about.

I'll open with my Livejournal post from two days after the accident.
Apr. 29th, 2006
I'm the talk of the town
I had a major accident Thursday. I put my arm thru a glass door. I just got out of the hospital this morning. I'm typing this with one hand. My left bicep was practically shredded. I cut a major artery, nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments and everything. I had to have 4 hours of surgery at the hand center at Jewish Hospital in Louisville. I'm going to have to have therapy to bend my elbow.

How did this happen you ask? My son.

I am on the Dogwood Festival Queen committee and I was dropping off prize money to the treasurer of the festival. She owns a sportswear store in Orleans on the square. Lucas figured out how to open the door, and was outside, running toward the highway. I took off at full speed after him, and when I hit the door, I missed the wood panel and my arm went right thru. I fell on the pavement and scraped my calf really good.

At first I didn't know my cut was that bad. I grabbed Lucas up with my right arm, and I hitched him up on my right hip to check him over for cuts from the glass. He started screaming and pointing at my left arm, where lots of stuff was hanging out.

Lots of people helped me. I lost so much blood, they had to bring the fire trucks to hose off the sidewalks. Some people keep saying if there had been safety glass in that window, this wouldnt've happened.

I have to go lie down now.
My son, Lucas, was 21 months old at this time. I was 29 years old. This April 27 will be 5 years since my accident. I have a LOT of use of my arm and hand back, but there are still spots, particularly the underside of my thumb, pointer and middle fingers on my left hand that  feel asleep all the time. And they may stay that way. I type with the ring finger on my left hand and my right hand. it's kind of funny to watch me type I guess. This is why me being able to paint my own fingernails is important to me!! I was told I may never do it again. I was told I may never use my arm again or hold my son again. Even my surgeon was impressed with how far I'd come. Here's hoping, at some point, I get everything back.

I tried to put the pictures behind a cut, but I'm not sure if it works hahah There's nothing bloody or gross about them - just a bunch of stitches, staples and scars.

One week after my accident they took my cast off and made me look at my arm
This is the day I got my stitches and staples out. It's right at my elbow.
My scar - the crook of my elbow
My scar - the inside of my elbow