The one with my new Zoyas!

My Zoya Earth Day promotion polishes arrived :) I saw on the FedEx site that they had been delivered to the post office, so I drove myself over to pick them up (rather than wait until the mail carrier brought them tomorrow). Cut out the middleman, and got my polish faster :)
front, from left, Haley, Pippa, Robyn, Mimi
top, from left, Riley, Dea, Buffy, Miley, SoHo Punch, Jade
Lucas has decided Riley will be the first polish I use ... and it will be tonight. I've got a nail that is growing thin - and I hope it doesn't break! During the photo shoot, Lucas decided to join me at the kitchen table...
Mr. Potato Head stole Riley!!

I thought I had 37 followers yesterday, and today I have 36. Gain some, lose some? lol I guess I'll use the polishes I bought to give away ... and get others when it's time to actually have the giveaway.