The one with Finger Paints Vermillion $ Painting

Hello all! I know I've been out of commission lately. I've had a pretty rough week with my little guy 'graduating' from Kindergarten and all. I don't want him to grow up. I know all parents think that. But I only have one child, so this is the only Kindergarten I'll ever have :(

Anyway... moving on to some polish! Finger Paint's Vermillion $ Painting! I purchased this at Sally's a while back when I was overloaded with coupons ... and realized I had no Finger Paints polishes. I don't know why I had never bought them before. They are simply lovely colors :) This red, which leans heavily toward orange and has a bold golden shimmer, is a wonderful color! We went out to eat while I was wearing it, and our waitress complimented my polish, telling me it looked like fire :)
Here it is in direct sun. You can see the shimmer very well on mu pinky. It was shiny! This is a base of Nail Life Nail Revitalizer, two coats of polish and a top coat of stinky Poshe. Love the drying time, hate the smell lol
In Indirect sun, you can see the orangey undertones. I love it when I have sun to take pictures.
Cooling it down in the shade...
I love flash pictures! As you can see, I do have some tipwear. I took these pictures after two days of wear because we had to go out of town to a cousin's graduation party. We had to go out of state actually haha

**DISCLAIMER**  I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these polishes myself or were given gifts as friends because I could not find the particular shade I wanted myself.  I am not a professional nail tech, nor do I want to be. I'm just someone who enjoys polishing my own nails :)