The one with Barielle Do Unto Others

I have another gorgeous Barielle Karma Kollection color today - Do Unto Others, a turquoise jelly-ish creme! The color is beautiful, but the clean-up was terrible :( Let's start with the good stuff first.

The color is stunning! I couldn't be happier with the color! The polish was a tad on the thick side and took a few extra strokes over two coats to even it out. Lightbox photos:
Outside, it looks even creamier, if possible!
And, of course good measure, a flash pic:
And then here's where it gets ugly :( During removal (I use Zoya Remove+, which has acetone) I had major staining. And not just my nails!
Even my skin was stained! I had to scrub my skin with a sugar scrub, and it still took two days to scrape off enough skin! It kind of took all the beauty out of the polish for me. I haven't seen anyone else mention this in their review. I'm not sure if they didn't have the problem, just aren't saying they had the same problem, or they did their posts before removal. At any rate, that was a major markdown in my book :(

Edit to clarify: Someone brought up a good point in the comments about base coats. I always use base coats. I had two layers of base coat - a strengthener, Nail Life Nail Revitalizer, and an actual base coat, China Glaze Strong Adhesion.

You can visit Barielle on the web, or its Facebook page.

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