The one with Barielle Positive ZEN-ergy...and a naked nail update.

Hello friends :) I have two posts wrapped up in one today - a Barielle polish and the progress on my Nail Strengthening Cream usage :) First, let's go with the naked nails! These photos are after one week of using the cream two to three times per day. You can compare them with my previous post, the night I started, which is here.
They are a bit yellow right now. But they are growing very well. They appear stronger - meaning they don't bend as easily as they did right before I trimmed them down. I have two more weeks to go, so we shall see :) I said before the cream has a pleasant smell, and my does it! Now, on to Positive ZEN-ergy!

Positive ZEN-ergy is a grassy, mossy green with intense shimmer running through it. I got several compliments when I wore it :) I used a base of Zoya Get Even, two coats of polish and a top of Poshe. I took a lot of sunlight pictures because this polish is just gorgeous in the sun!
The shade brought a minty tone out in the polish. Isn't it strange how lighting changed the look of polish?
And a few flash shots :) Looks really grassy green here.
I loved this polish. Easy going on - creamy and smooth - and easy coming off. I had no problems with streaking or clumping.

You can visit Barielle on the web, or its Facebook page.

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