The one with Wet n Wild Lip Lacquers!

Today I have three luscious, creamy lip lacquers from Wet n Wild for you! This is my first time with lip stuffs on my blog, so be nice, huh? :)
From top to bottom, Fetish, Fling and Passionate. Fetish got a little knocked around in transit - but it's my fave!
Oh no, they are in a different order than above! hehe From left is Fling, Fetish and Passionate.
A shimmery peach that really flattered my skintone
A rich brown that really has some punch!
A sweet bubblegum-y pink
These lip lacquers are great! They don't taste funky, and they wear very well. I wore Fling over the weekend of my son's birthday party, and it lasted for hours! The lacquers are creamy enough to not dry out your lips, but don't fall off every time you take a drink. I'm excited to wear them again :) ...and that's coming from someone who rarely wears lipstick!

You can visit Wet n Wild on the web, or its Facebook page.

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