I am... Saturday 9/24/11

Today I'm sharing something that is kind of...comforting to me, I guess. I'm not exceptional at it, or even good by any means, but it's something that sometimes my son and I can share.

I am... a wannabe baker.
Like I said, I'm not good at it. I just like doing it. Lucas helps me a lot! He loves stirring batter and frosting and decorating cookies and cupcakes. It also helps him be creative! He has come up with some pretty odd concoctions hahaha Maybe today's post will tickle your sweet tooth...
Lucas' cookie creation! Banana peppermint sugar cookies
A cake Lucas and I made for my husband's birthday one year
Vampire sugar cookie!
Look at the tongue hanging out...he's concentrating!
Decorating gingerbread men
Vampire gingerbread man!
Lucas also loves to help me cook, not just bake. Maybe one of my next I am... Saturdays will be out my crazy cooking concoctions. :)