The one with Franken Friday - Mystic Nights!

I completely forgot to post yesterday! What a day I had! I had a wonderful friend Wendy who found me a set of the On the Prowl polishes, tho. HOW AWESOME. I am so thankful that I have friends who look out for me and help me with things like this. It contrasts nicely with the people who make fun of me for my love of polish. Those same people also turn around in the same conversation and ask me to do their nails. lol

So for today's Franken Friday I have an original creation by me! It's made entirely with WnW products - Wild Shine Blue Moon, Wild Shine Hallucinate, Fast Dry Clear Coat and a teeny bit of Fast Dry Ebony Hates Chris. It reminds me of the night sky....and seeing as I watched The Vampire Diaries *right* before I started frankening this, it became Mystic Nights!

I wish I had sunlight pictures of this baby, but we haven't had much sun in the past three weeks :( At any rate, here is my creation :)
Natural Light
Natural Light
Indoors with flash
Direct Lamplight
She's a top coat eater!! I should have smacked a coat of Gelous on top, but I was so excited to be wearing my creation :) I'm proud of myself that I used all WnW products!! And speaking of WnW products...I have a pop-up giveaway today! I have an extra bottle of Wild Shine Limited Edition color Tulip-git to Quit. You can click that link to see my post about it. This is open to continental US residents ONLY. Leave your name and e-mail in the comments, along with a random fact about you! I will choose a winner on Monday, Sept. 19.