The one with Franken Friday - Love Red :)

TGIF! For my final day of Pink Week, I have a franken made by yours truly...but engineered by my son! Lucas has watched me franken away a lot lately, and finally he came up to me one night and said "You know, Mom, I have a great idea. Take red and pink and glitter. Mix those together (imagine him waving his arms and fingers to demonstrate) and make Love Red."

So I did. And it got his Seal of Approval. But after looking at it, the polish is way more pink than red :) Colors I used were WnW Red Red, WnW Blazed, a little bit of WnW Sparked and WnW Kaleidescope.
Direct Lamplight
More pink than red? I think a little. But it is really nice! I can actually see myself wearing it again. What do you guys think about my son's concoction?