The one with WnW Glassy Gloss!

I have for you today, on this Wednesday of Pink Week, two Wet n Wild Glassy Glosses - Glass is in Session and Mow the Glass. I accidentally posted two polish posts yesterday (whoops!), so I'm having to scramble to hopefully come up with something good tomorrow! I already have Friday planned with a pink franken :)

Anyway, these lovelies are high gloss, but minimal all you see (mostly) is shine. They last forever! The taste isn't all that great...but it did keep me from licking my lips so much :) hehe
Glass is in session on left, and Mow the Glass
Here's the juiciness spread out on a white piece of paper so you can see what the colors look like out of the tube. But...the color doesn't really look like that on the lips. NOW my lips are making their blog debut. Please be nice?
Glass is in Session - a little tint of pink
Mow the Glass - just high gloss

*phew* That was almost painless. :) I kept myself from making a duckface or a kissy face or anything else random to make me look stupid hahah Anyway, I really like how juicy the glosses look. Regardless of how pigmented the color it, you can see the gloss on the lips. The gloss stayed on my lips for a good long while, as well. What do you think?

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