The one with Franken Friday - Rebecca Likes Cupcakes!

Ooooh the day after Thanksgiving! I don't have to work today! I can't even remember the last time (when I had a job) that I have had the day after Thanksgiving off work. Sleeping in is something I am just now getting back as Lucas is getting older. I remember having to get up with him at 5 a.m. on weekends!

Anyway! I am so blessed to have met some wonderful nail polish friends on Facebook. One being Rebecca at Rebecca Likes Nails. She makes the most amazing franken - Rebecca Likes Cupcakes - and I am lucky enough to have a bottle!
Natural light
Natural light
We haven't had much sun lately :( That makes taking pictures hard! But tomorrow, I am going to start showing the new Dr's Remedy winter collection - and I'm super excited about them! What else do I have in store? Let's just say I've got some 3D Eye Candy coming your way as well!