The one with Zoya Cho!

What a rainy, dreary, windy day in these parts. Yes. In January, it's almost 60 degrees at 8 a.m. and raining. In Indiana. It's the weirdest weather anomaly. There's even tornado warnings about. Warnings. Like, rotation has been spotted. In January. But I digress...

Today's featured polish is Zoya Cho, described on the Zoya website as "an opaque yellow-toned light soft peachy beige with a hint of ultra fine silver shimmer. A light, creamy nude especially nice for skin tones with olive or yellow undertones."
  To me, Cho looks like ice cream. Cho would fit totally in with the Touch collection. The yellow undertones aren't overpowering. It reminds of what the ice cream looks like after it's melted and mixed with caramel sauce. It floated on the nail that effortlessly, too! I didn't notice the shimmer until I got my nails outside. Two coats were used for the photos.
Indoors with indirect flash
Indoors with direct flash
The color is very delicate. I'm not a very delicate polish person, so honestly, I'm not sure how often I will wear it. That being said, the formula is still, in typical Zoya fashion, amazing. I can't wait to use this polish in nail art. Yes, you heard me: NAIL ART! I need to start branching out and attempting some of that :)

The True collection is available for pre-order on Zoya's website right now. They retail for $8 per bottle or you can buy the full set of six polishes for $48.

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