The one with Zoya Skylar!

Good morning! Did I mention that we're getting a new couch at our house? It's being delivered some time today. Can I confess that I don't like it? Ugh. My husband wants a couch with reclining ends. I don't like recliners. You can see who won. While out searching, I have found that most furniture built for sitting has shrunk...and gotten puffier at the same time. The base, where you sit, has gotten shorter and the backs have gotten overstuffed. I like to sit down on the couch and curl my legs up underneath me. My stubby little legs don't do well just dangling off the end of the couch. I mean, I don't even touch the floor. But with the new style of couches, it's not possible to sit how I like. So yeah...

ANYWAY. bahahha How about some polish? Today's posts features Zoya Skylar, described on Zoya's website as "a medium steel blue with a softened, dusty look and speckled by visible gold and silver shimmer flecks. A soft blue that's bold without being too dark, bright or flashy."
 This polish is just gorgeous! The way it sparkles in the sun. The gold is more prominent to me than the silver. Or maybe it's more noticeable because of the contrast, and more than likely because of the dusty look. I think I might have had a pair of jeans that faded into this color once heheh Skylar is my favorite shimmer of the collection, but not my favorite overall (You'll find out which is my fave in a few days haha). Formula on Skylar was a tad thick, but not enough to make the polishing experience bad. I used two thin to medium coats for the photos.
Indoors with indirect flash
Indoors with direct flash
It reminds me of water. Cool, refreshing pool water. Makes me want to go jump in a pool! Too bad it's January here and the weather is yucky. Maybe a vacation is in order for me...

The True collection is available for pre-order on Zoya's website right now. They retail for $8 per bottle or you can buy the full set of six polishes for $48.

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