The one with Franken Friday - Destroya!

I'm in a few polish groups on Facebook. I have met a few very bad eggs (and a few people who I thought were nice are slowly showing their true bag egg colors, which makes me sad) and I have met some very nice people who are definitely my friends. One such friend is Rebecca of Rebecca Likes Nails. You may remember her from her franken creation, Rebecca Likes Cupcakes. She's so sweet that she made me a franken for JUST ME. Well, and herself. So she and I are the only two people who have a bottle of the glittery awesomeness that is Destroya!

Destroya you ask? What is that? It's the name of a song by our favorite band, My Chemical Romance. She even named it something we both enjoy! This polish is a SERIOUS glitter bomb. She used like a dozen or something glitters to toss it together. I can't even remember how many! The base is clear, but there is just about every glitter imaginable! In this photos I have it layered over WnW Spoiled 2 Weeks Sober, a grapey purple.
I love it! It makes it even more special that Rebecca and I are the only two who have bottles of this. We're kind of in a secret club like that :)