The one with Finger Paints Lemon Sour!

Good morning! It's the first day of Spring Break around our house :) A whole week with my son home! We have a bunch of fun stuff planned, so I'm excited! Today I have another of the new Finger Paints Gumdrops and Lollipops collection! This is the final one in the collection - Lemon Sour - a muted yellow creme. And my least favorite.
For starters, the color is just not me. I don't think yellows look good on me unless they are brighter. This yellow was just too...tame...I guess, Too pale. Not vibrant enough. And the formula? Worst of the bunch. Thick and goopy. Streaking, even in its third coat (which is what's pictured). I just hope it looks evened out enough haha
Indoors with flash
It just looks...thick on the nail. I just don't like this bottle of polish - color and formula. What do you guys think? What about the collection overall? Do you have a favorite of the collection? I think mine, overall, considering everything, is Grape Gumball!

You can get Finger Paints polishes from Sally Beauty, either in-store or online. You can visit the Finger Paints website or the Finger Paints FB page.

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