The one with Franken Friday - Alien Blast!

TGIF! But it is the end of Spring Break :( Lucas will have to go back to school next week. But he did have a fun week at home :) Today's polish is a franken I created one night by just tossing glitters in a  bottle haha I used Glamour base to suspend, clear polish and Sally Girl glitters in blue, magenta and neon green.
It looks fabulous in this picture! I layered it over blue because it made the polish really stand out! The green glitter has since bled. Which is sad because that green glitter is awesome, and I wanted to try frankening with it in other ways - particularly in a black jelly base. I still might try it and use a different clear polish. Maybe with the black it won't be so bad?

BTW, this franken is in a franken contest. I stand no chance of winning, but if you'd like to vote, go here.

AND! I hit 1111 followers here on the blog. Yay! I do adore each and every one who actually reads my posts! The ones who take the time to comment are especially awesome! Maybe a small giveaway is in order? For those who really read my posts? Who thinks that could be a great idea!?