The one with Hot Ticket Let's Make A Teal!

Good morning! Or is it afternoon? I must confess I'm sick with a col,d and I slept for a good fair bit this morning. I woke up at noon. I never sleep that late! Well unless I'm sick. I'm sure it didn't help that time changed last night, and we "sprung forward" and hour. Ugh. Anyway, I digress..

I have some gorgeous polishes coming up for you this week! Starting with Let's Make a Teal, a gorgeous creme from the folks at The Balm. Their line of polishes is called Hot Ticket. I had spied this polish in multipacks previously in TJ Maxx, but I had never tried them. I'm glad I have now! The formula is smooth and silky, and the polish, or at least the two I have, are very well pigmented! Let's Make a Teal could even be a one-coater! And you know how I love one coaters :)
This rich, deep teal color is just up my alley, as I love blues and greens! Like I said, the formula was a dream to work with, and pictured is two thin coats. Habit!
Indoors with flash
Isn't it gorgeous? I seriously can't wait to get more from this brand, well as soon as I am completely off my no/reduced buy hahaha Tomorrow I will have another from Hot Ticket to share with you as well!

These polishes retail for $10 per bottle on the website, but like I mentioned, I have seen them at stores like TJ Maxx in multipacks. Visit The Balm on the web  or on their Facebook page.

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