The one with Hot Ticket Orange You Glad You're Not Blue!

Good morning! I'm still fairly congested and feel gross today. All three of us in my household are sick actually. With daylight savings time, my husband forgot to reset the alarm clock (of all the clocks to forget!), so we woke up this morning at the time we should have been out the door to get Lucas to school. I hope I remembered everything in his lunchbox...

Anyway! I have another a gorgeous creme from the folks at The Balm. This one is an orange called Orange You Glad You're Not Blue. It's vivid and bright and smooth. It's got a vaguely jellyish feel, too.
See how it looks juicy and squishy? But it's not a full-on jelly. Formula is great on this  one! Pictured is two coats.
Indoors with flash
What do you think? Do you have any polishes from this brand? I really like them, and I can't wait to purchase more soon!

These polishes retail for $10 per bottle on the website, but like I mentioned, I have seen them at stores like TJ Maxx in multipacks. Visit The Balm on the web  or on their Facebook page.

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