The one with Milani High Speed Fast Drys, part 1

Happy Monday! My first day home with my son is starting off with me being a slow poke getting this post done! haha I did the pictures last night, and then just went to bed...which left the editing for this morning! It's almost 9:30, and he's finally out of bed and having breakfast. The sky looks kind of gloomy, so it may put the smack down on what I had planned for today...

Today is bring you three Milani High Speed Fast Drys. All are gorgeously pigmented, as they are deemed "one coat formula" polishes. While they could have been used as one coaters if applied slowly, deliberately and evenly, I found it was not possible as the polish was still a bit streaky after one coat. I did have some bald spots. But it was nothing a second coat couldn't fix.
First up in Fast Fuchsia, a hot pink creme. Formula was a little thick and tricky, as you can see on my index finger, but I believe with some work, this could be the coolest polish ever. The dry time was super fast, just as promised. I actually think this color looks great on me haha
And now we have Violet Dash, a soft, creamy purple. I love the color of this one, disliked the formula. This one could really benefit from some thinner, I believe. I just had issues getting the coats to look even. Again, heavily pigmented but a pain to apply, so two coats were used.
Last, but certainly not least is Hot Pink Frenzy. I dunno what's wrong with me lately. I used to be deathly opposed to pinks. But they are starting to grow on me. Am I getting sick? haha Anyway, this bright pink has a solid, very subtle shimmer running through it, which makes it looks so cute! The formula on this one was great, and I really had no issues with two coats.

I will have more Milani High Speed Fasy Drys tomorrow! I cannot wait to try these polishes out with some art! Splatter mani? Watermarble? What should I do??

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