The one with Salon Perfect Blue Mint!

Today is my last Monday as the mother of a first grader :( Time is moving way too fast, and I just want it to slow down! *sigh* So today, since I'm feeling a little sad, I'm going with a blue - Salon Perfect Blue Mint to be exact! I adore the color of this polish, but I had a bit of trouble with the formula. It's one of those that isn't exactly a problem, but I could foresee it being a problem...
Isn't the color just gorgeous!? It's so light, and creamy looking...reminds me of a baby boy *sniffle* There I go again... *sigh* ANYWAY haha The formula was a little tricky, and you can see  here where it's on the thick side. Also, I'm really self conscious of my pointer finger. I broke it, and it's, like, crooked now...
Indoors with flash
Lovely color! Iffy formula! Those two things just let me know I will have to be more careful with application when I wear this in the future :)

You can visit Salon Perfect on the web. The spring collection will be available at 1,700 WalMart stores this month and retail for $2.98.

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