The one with Salon Perfect Lemon Zing!

Good morning everyone! I am really hoping this will be an excellent day! :) I'm going to a pitch-in luncheon today, and getting to spend time with some lovely ladies is just what the doctor ordered! But what about the polish today? I'm so glad you asked! I've got another Salon Perfect for you today - this one a bright yellow called Lemon Zing. While the color is wonderful, the formula is not.
It's got some great components! I love the color. It's bright and cheerful and just screams 'SUMMER!" But my love for it ends there. Pictured is three coats...because the formula was clumpy and sticky. I tried some thinner, but it didn't seem to help much. I don't blame the's the color! I've never had a yellow that wasn't a pain in the behind...
Indoors with flash
See just how thick it looks? Maybe I need to add more thinner. But I love the color! I love bright yellows. Pale yellows just aren't for me...but something like this is perfect :)

You can visit Salon Perfect on the web. The spring collection will be available at 1,700 WalMart stores this month and retail for $2.98.

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