The one with Fail Art Thursday - Pure Ice Vinyl Remixes

Not a fail today - TOTALLY NOT A FAIL! :) These Pure Ice Vinyl Remixes are so cool!!! I'm not into crackle, but what these polishes do is fan-freakin-tastic. They are only available at WalMart, but I have yet to find them :( I really want the orange one!!! Duh, 'cause it's orange :) I have the purple and green ones.
So how do these work? Well, first you start out with the Platinum Magic Base Coat...
Then you take the Vinyl Remix of your choice... (you can tell which color you have by the color on the label)
...and this is what comes out of it...
That is it! Seriously. The base is white, and the crackle you put over the top makes he color! So inventive! You slap on the white base, and top with the crackle. It literally just bursts to life right before your eyes. Even if you think nothing is going to happen, just give it a few seconds! Quick and super simple nail art right there! You can paint the top coat on in a sideway design, a spiral...the possibilities are endless with these!

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