The one with Fail Art Thursday - a sort of Milani ombre doticure!

I seem to be stuck on doticures lately. Every time I decide to do some nail art, I pick up the dotting tools. I have to break out of that and try something else! hahah But last night I was checking out my nails (in the second day of a sort of ombre), and I decided dots were the answer. The polishes I used are all Milani: High Speed Black Swift, Hipster Plum, Orchidia and High Speed White on the Spot. Each nail has a different base with different dots hehe
I didn't knock the dots around all willy nilly like I usually do. I actually laid them down in diagonal lines. Sort of. I think they turned out well :) Now my thumb...hahah that's a different story! I decided to try something different with it. So I swiped on one line of Orchidia, then next to it, one line of Hipster Plum. Then across the bottle of the nail, curving the cuticle, I put a swipe of Black Swift. Then I used a dotting tool to swirl them together. Hmm. Didn't actually turn out all that great hahah
I dunno what possessed me to try it, I have no idea where it came from. hahah

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