The one with Fail Art Thursday - straw art and baseballs!

Hello! :) I've got two different fail arts for your viewing pleasure today. I attempted straw art. I dunno if I did something wrong, or if my nails aren't the right shape...or if I used the wrong kind of straw? I used a base of white (WnW Spoiled Correction Tape) and dipped a regular drinking straw into Zoya Max, Yummy and Lael. I placed the straw on my nails, but it rarely made circles...
It looks neat...but not what I was going for! What am I doing wrong? *shakes head* Anyway, I thought I'd try my hand at baseballs, seeing as my son plays a game tonight. I used the white again, and I have an LA Colors striper polish in red. Ugh. hahah They look like bloody stitches!
There ya go. Two fail arts in one post! Doesn't get much more fail-y than that! bahaha