The one with Franken Friday - some random polishes I've made

Not much to say today. I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired. And hungry. After I get this post done, I need to go eat something. Or maybe I'll just pick something up on the way to work. hmm Starting Monday, I'm recommitting myself to my diet and exercise plan, so I'd better get all the crap out of my system this weekend haha Anyway, today I've got some random frankens I've made lately for people...
A milky white base with pink and black glitter for Jamie at Nails Adored
A sky blue holo for Kari at Got Polish?
And a shimmery blue base with red and blue glitter for Mary :)

I need to get back to making frankens. I've been so busy lately, tho, that it just doesn't cross my mind like it used to! Maybe now that baseball season is over, I can begin to settle into the routine of making polishes again :) I have a really AWESOME idea for a franken set!!