The one with Snow White and the Huntsman polishes!

Good day everyone! Especially a good day right here at Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom! I have a polish collection for you today that is sort of hard to find, I guess. It's six polishes inspired Snow White and the Huntsman! I can't find confirmation as to who manufactures these polishes. I did not see the display myself. Laurie from Dressed up Digits found them for me at a store called Shopko. I'd never heard of it before haha So without further ado...
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First up is Dark as the Forest, which is SUPER hard to photograph prettily. It's a deep greenish, blueish shimmer with some purple flecks thrown in. It's absolutely gorgeous. But terrible to pick up the hint of purple in the photos! These photos are a tad bit blurry as I tried to catch the flash.

I can't quite decide what color Mirror, Mirror is. When I first picked up the bottle, I thought it was silverish grey. But on the nail it's looks distinctly purple. It's super pretty in a light, airy way. Very subtle shimmer runs through it.
Hands down, Poison Apple is my favorite of this bunch! A bright candy apple red with gold shimmer cutting through it. Amazing shine! I actually decided to wear this one for a full mani, and so far, no signs up wanting to change it :)
So Rise to the Calling was extremely difficult to photograph. Most blurples are, right? Well, make than double for dark, shimmery blurples. These photos are as absolutely close as I could get. I think the polish is still even maybe a bit more purple than this portrays. Sheesh, it took forever! I even enlisted my husband to try to help me get accurate photos of this polish. As a blogger, I think this has been my hardest polish to photograph!
On the other end of the purple spectrum, The Queen's Heart gave me no issues! Good gravy. Shimmery grape-y violet-y purples are apparently the good children of the purple family :) This polish leans very heavily toward some red, too.
And lastly, White as Snow, the only polish of this collection I don't particularly care for. A white pearl finish? Meh, not for me. The formula was good and coverage was excellent for a white pearly finish, but it's just not a finish or color I care much for. far too frosty-looking for me.

So there you have it! The mysterious Snow White and the Huntsman polishes! There is no brand on the labels except for Universal, which is the distributor of the movie. Could it be they are just a regular old marketing tool not run through a polish company?

What do you think of them? Will you try to track them down now? Btw, formula on these is extremely good for a non-brand polish! All photos are two coats.

++EDIT++ On the bottom of the bottles is a link to Townley Girl so we're left to assume they have distributed them. Still a little mystery, tho, as Townley doesn't have a set place where they sell things!

**DISCLAIMER**  I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these polishes myself or were given gifts as friends because I could not find the particular shade I wanted myself.  I am not a professional nail tech, nor do I want to be. I'm just someone who enjoys polishing my own nails :)