The one with SoFlaJo Summer Breeze!

Hello out there everyone! I have a gorgeous new polish to show you today - SoFlaJo Summer Breeze! It's a light, airy, shimmery, sort of holo-y purple, best used as a topper for other colors :) It's handmixed by my friend Jody. Summer Breeze is part of her Life's A Beach collection :)

On SoFlaJo's post, Summer Breeze is described as "Start your morning with a walk on the beach and enjoy the “Summer Breeze“. Our color changing polish is light and airy with hints of purple, pink, blue and green. Opaque enough to wear on it’s own. Transparent enough to wear as a topcoat. Put this one over black and you’ll be blown away at it’s transformation!"

I liked it on it's own as it added a subtle shimmer to my nails....but I really loved it as a top coat :) Here's two photos of the polish, two coats, alone.
Just the very vaguest of shimmer! If my nails were prettier, I'd wear it alone more often! But how does it looks over colors? I know black is an obvious choice, but I wanted to put it over shades of purple. So first, I chose Milani Orchidia, a shimmery light grape-y purple. One coat of Summer Breeze over two coats of Orchidia. Really helps it pop!
But my favorite? One coat of Summer Breeze over two coats of Zoya Lael. Ohemgee, people. It's flat-out gorgeous! And reminds me of ORLY Mysterious Curse...
I will be wearing this combo quite often!!! I love the shimmery holo-esque swipe of Summer Breeze! :) Want your own SoFlaJo polish? Check out the etsy store! You can see swatches of the rest of the Life's A Beach collection here.

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