The one with Zoya LC, Milla, Nicole and Tori!

Happy Monday! I thought today would be perfect for a little Zoya spam! Sound good? I actually think this will kick off a whole week of Zoya! I have a guest post for tomorrow from a lovely friend, and she is featuring a Zoya let's go all out and make this a Zoya week!

LC! It's pink. Well, the Zoya site says coral-red. But she's pink to me. Super pretty and extremely opaque, LC is good to go in two coats :)
Milla! I won't lie. I bought Milla because of a TV show from when I was a teen - Swans Crossing. It's where I found Sarah Michelle Gellar, who was the star. BUT there was a character, played by Brittany Daniel, named Mila. Long story short, there's a hilarious birthday party invitation and the name Mila is now deep in my brain, never to come out. This Milla is called a coral-red (perfect mate for LC!), but she's got shimmer. I used one coat of Milla over LC for the photo below.
Nicole! A nice orangey red shimmer. To be honest, this color seems really muted for my tastes. It just seems to lack something. Perhaps it would benefit from nail art in the future...
Tori! Now this color has the punch that Nicole lacked! It's brighter, more vivid. This berry-toned shimmer is super pretty out in the sunlight as pictured below. It's flashy without being too over the top.

So what do you think? See a Zoya you like better than the others? I love all my Zoyas!

**DISCLAIMER**  I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these polishes myself or were given gifts as friends because I could not find the particular shade I wanted myself.  I am not a professional nail tech, nor do I want to be. I'm just someone who enjoys polishing my own nails :)