The one with China Glaze Desert Sun, Exotic Encounters, Adventure Red-y and Prey Tell!

Happy Monday! Today I have for you four of the new China Glaze On Safari Collection! They are colors that are seriously right up my alley! I'm a fall person. I love the colors fall brings out - not only in make-up and polish, but in the world around us. The colors are so rich in fall! So, without further ado...
For more photos and my take on each polish, click the 'read more' link!

First up we have the creamy butterscotch-y goodness of  Desert Sun. I honestly didn't think I would like this polish. Odds are I will not wear it a lot, but it's sure a gorgeous color. The formula was a tad bit thick, but nothing a little thinner or babying couldn't handle. Went on perfectly in two creamy coats.

Looking for a great tealish green? Look for Exotic Encounters! It's a creamy green that definitely has the leanings toward blue. My only complaint about this polish was that it stained my nails the tiniest bit (even with base coat). If played right, one coat of this gorgeous green would be enough. I tried going too fast and ended up with a few bald spots, which required a second coat.

Are you ready for Adventure Red-y? This polish is a deeper red than candy apple, but not as dark as to be called vampy. I had a little issue with this polish. My formula was a tad thin. It could just be my bottle. I didn't really have an issue with application....just with the formula. Again, it could have just been my bottle. Two thick coats are pictured.

And last, but certainly not least, Prey Tell! It's a vampy brown-toned red (or is it red-toned brown?) that screams my name! I love it. I wore this one for two days because it was so my favorite :) I will wear this one very often. As with more dark vampy polishes, this one could take up to three or more coats. Each nail was different haha Some had coverage in two coats, others were three. Just depends on how your brush strokes. I had no issues with the's very pigmented :)

Is one of these your favorite in this collection? If not, what is? I had originally wanted the blue - Man Hunt - but I recently found out it's sort of dupe-ish of OPI Dating a Royal, which I already have. So that one will wait, if I ever buy it at all!

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