The one with Zoya NYFW 2012 Designer Collection!

Hello all! Today, as promised, I have another part of the Zoya fall collection - this time it's the Designer Collection, which is full of rich, deep, wonderfully pigmented cremes! I'm definitely a fall person. I love the colors of fall, the weather, the "feel." It's just my season. So these Zoyas? Oh yeah, I'm all about 'em!
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First we have Rekha. She's a gorgeous, shiny candy apple red, with some blue tones. Two coats is what I have pictured, but she could have been a one-coater - actually ALL of these cremes could be one-coaters. I am a huge fan of reds, so Rekha is a hit with me :) My only gripe is she stains :( My nails ended up pink after I wore her. And I did wear base coat. I think it's kind of funny when bloggers say that this or that polish stains, those who comment assume we don't use base coat :) Rest assured, I always use base coat. It's like an automatic thing with me. This polish was originally created for the Bibhu Mohapatra LE box.

Next is Toni. This berryish purple is really pretty! Kind of reminds me of grape jelly. I don't know why. hahah I can no application problems with this polish. Smooth sailing in two coats :)

And now we have Monica! This is much more blue-toned than Toni. Reminds me a lot of Pinta, tho it's nowhere near as dark. This polish is extremely pigmented for being such a deep, dark color. Usually, with deeper colors, the formula is wonky unless you pile on this coats. But not this polish :)

Natty is a creme that I would categorize as steely blue. I really could have used this blue creme on the Fourth of July! Gorgeous. I adore this shade of blue. The formula on this polish is perfect. I almost just went with one coat, but decided to be on the safe side and went with two.

Evvie. Ahh Evvie. I'm a little disappointed this color is a part of this collection. Not because I don't love the color. I do. It's just that I already own this one :( I purchased it with the LE Peter Som box. I didn't know it would be re-released. Oh well. Anyway, this polish is a pigmented deep dusty teal color.

Last but not least is Noot. Deeper and darker than Evvie, I think Noot is a little on the Monica side. Amazingly, tho, the pigment is so wonderful that coverage isn't an issue! Noot has quite a bit of grey in it, as well. And it's probly the COMPLETE NERD in me, but everytime I type the name of this polish, my mind flashes with that scene from Monty Python..."She turned me into a newt! ...I got better..."

And there's the Designer collection cremes! These polishes will be available on Zoya's website July 15. I gotta tell you. My son gets excited when I get new Zoyas. He thinks Zoya is amazing. I have no idea why. But he's obsessed with this video. One day I'm gong to video him re-enacting it. He does it all the time!

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