The one with Zoya NYFW 2012 Diva Collection!

Oh my, oh my! Sorry I'm later than usual with this post, but this one is special! (as will be tomorrow and Friday!) I have the new Zoya fall collection, or well, today is part of it! This is the Diva Collection: a series of metallics! Don't wanna waste any time, so here ya go!
Click 'read more' to see up-close polish shots and my thoughts!

First to be featured is Daul, a rosy, violet metallic. I had no issues with application, but with removal...dang, I hate micro shimmer removal. It's like shimmer herpes. Anyway, two coats covers well. I've heard a few people wonder how this polish compared to Zoya Faye, but I can't answer that...I don't have Faye to compare.

Next is FeiFei! I'm gonna tell you first that I don't particularly care for this polish. Second, I think it looks cool. So why don't I like it? The's a blue foilish metallic. It looks like a week-old bruise. To me, it looks like Crystal and Faye had a baby. To me, the combination is odd. I don't think it's flattering hahaha BUT the formula, you know, standard Zoya! Silky smooth application :)

And now time for Song! I love this color! My bottle is a little thick (or maybe the formula is?) but it took a little doing to get this polish on. It still appears a little goopy in spots. Zoya calls this an "Egyptian blue," and I like it! It reminds me of ORLY Royal Navy!

Can I get a "yay!" for Ray? Hahaha, silly me. But, yes. This color is awesome! This deep green is shimmery goodness all the way! No problems with application - actually, if played right, Ray could be a one-coater. I love those :)

And now it's time for Suri, the belle of the purple ball. She's a gorgeous royal purple shimmer...and I noticed when it intense sunlight, there's red and blue little micro shimmers swimming around! You can see it in the first photo. I will say that while the application was better on this polish, it applied quite like in a little goopy.

And now for my favorite of this collection - Elisa! I love the crimson metallic glow she has...makes her kind of look like fire! :) I loved wearing her, and I look forward to wearing her many times :) Formula is top notch; applies like a dream :)

And there you have it! The Diva Collection! What do you guys think? See any must-haves? I will have the Designer Collection and the Gloss Collection upcoming here in the next few days!

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