The one with 10 things I learned at Cosmoprof...

10. There are others like me. I'm not the only woman who blogs, feels insecure about her blog and is constantly trying to find ways to evolve her blog to keep my readers engaged.

9. That being said, there's a lot of crazy people out there ;)

8. I've had it up to -- <--there with people just stopping in the middle of aisles and walkways in front of me with no regard for ANYONE around them. Especially those dragging rolling suitcases behind them. Or screaming children.

7. There are some brands, that no matter how hard you try, they just don't want to connect with you. You have to dust that off and turn it toward another brand that DOES want to work with you. I can tell you I ran into some small companies, just getting started, who have such a passion for their product, that it was refreshing!

6. Sometimes, it is possible to educate the companies about additional uses for their product. I was stopped by a lip company handing out samples of their lip balm. When the owner, a man, found out that my group and I were nail bloggers, he asked if we ever used lip balm for our cuticles. YES! Sometimes, on the go, it's the best. He was amazed we did that - and wondered if he should start marketing his product for that purpose :)

5. There is NOTHING like someone who you have admired as an inspiration telling you that they enjoyed meeting you, finally, in person (I'm looking at you, Krystal). Or having someone you adore finally figure out who you are and gush over your blog. Or having Maria from Cult Nails tweet about your business card because she loves that you used Cult Nails for one of your business cards. *faints*

4. ... and having people you've just met, after handing them a business card, go nuts over your blog name. This happened multiple times. Altho long, my name is unique and funny. It apparently made me standout. I got a LOT of compliments on it, and I even had a person from tell me she reads my blog! *dies*

3. Some people will do, or say, anything for free product. Even inflate their blog stats.

2. Beauty Judy has the best butt in the Blogosphere. I know - I touched it! She has a "you touched mine, now I touch yours" rule, tho, so I can say she touched mine too!

1. Even my comfortable shoes are no longer comfortable. Thanks Cosmoprof! hahah

I leave Vegas today :( We're getting packed up after I post this and getting checked out and heading home. My family and I had a great time here - and my son wants to come back! Well, actually he wants to stay and never leave, so I'm guessing he's been having a good time :)

Look for my posts in the weeks to come about the booths I visited and people I met...I had such a great time here at Cosmoprof...and I hope I can come back again next year!