The one with Color Club/Forsythe's Cosmoprof booth!

Ooooh Color Club! I was super excited to see this both at Cosmoprof, and they didn't disappoint! Color changing polish, holos, fall was all there! I was just amazed at the amount of product they had at their booth - new stuff, old stuff, soon-to-be-released stuff...just a little bit of it all :)

Of course the highlight was the holographic collection, Halographic, which features six colors. This collection will begin to ship August 15, so be on the lookout for them in your "Color Club gettin' place" after that day.

Another awesome new trend Forsythe has coming out is color changing polish! Like,18 colors. I didn't get a chance to try any (I wanted to!), so I can't comment on anything other than the wide array of colors. The line is called Ruby Wing, and has been released recently. Look for it everywhere soon, as the shipments are going out!

But do you guys wanna know my FAVORITE COLLECTION I had the pleasure of viewing at the Color Club booth!? If you know me at all, you'd know it's the fall collection! Color Club's is called In True Fashion, and includes my deep, dark vamptastic colors! There were even nail art stickers!!!!! There are two full displays, and a few four-polish sets, and two or three two-polish sets. I can guarantee, I'll be all over these! These will also begin shipping August 15.

And on to the winter collection...Winter Affair! Tagged "A little naughty, a little nice," these colors bring out the best of the holiday season! Again, two floor displays, the four- and two-polish sets...all six shades are shimmery...BUT THERE'S A FLAKY! It's called Snowflakes :) Believe it or not, these also begin shipping super soon!

And the rest? Magnetics! The rep at the CC booth told me one of the magnets was currently out on the market, but the other five would be shipping out extremely soon to the public.

What about Fractured, CC's line of crackle in super neon/bright colors?

...and to finish up? Just a nice, cool shot of the wall of polish at the Color Club booth!!! Do you own any of these? :)

I am super pumped about these collections!! Is there one you are going to be on the lookout for?