The one with Layla polishes - and their Cosmoprof booth! (pic heavy)

It's no secret that I'm not really a holo person. I like the occasional holo polish, don't get me wrong, but overall, they just aren't me. However, I have found a holo that I absolutely love. I can't put it into words haha (Laurie, are you reading this?) It's a Layla Hologram Effect polish, and it's an icy blue called Mermaid Spell.
See what I mean!? O.O Amazing. It just...I can't quit staring at it. Maybe I've had it in for holos all this time because I got a bad one or something? But this is just simply stunning! So I must take back any bad things I said about holos. I will wear this one again. I also have another Layla holo to show you guys, but that will be in a later post.

I do have two other Layla polishes to show you! The first is a magnetic polish called Turquiose Wave. I had never tried magnetics before, and these were super easy to use. The magnet is in the lid of the polish.

Now on to Layla Softouch Effects! The one I have here is a dusty light purple, I believe called, Stone. These aren't matte polishes. They just aren't shiny. The difference is an ingredient in these polishes. For mattes, there's an ingredient that makes the polish chalky...that ingredient is not in the Softouch Effects :)

Amazing huh? I do have more Layla polishes to show you later :) I was lucky at Cosmoprof and met the Layla ladies, and I also attended a cocktail party with the ladies. Here are some of the awesome nail wheels they had set up at their Cosmoprof booth!

I will bring you more Laylas in a later post!

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