The one with my second day at Cosmoprof 2012!

Ahh! My entire body aches. Head to toe, I'm talking people, BUT my second day at Cosmoprof is in the books, and it was super successful! I met many company reps, hung out with Katie from The Painted Nail again, had a cocktail party with people from Layla holos, and I touched the butt of a MAJOR BLOGGER (not spilling the beans on who that is...yet)! Wow! I can honestly say this experience has been one-of-a-kind.'s an overview of what I saw today!

I didn't show this yesterday, but here's my press badge! I feel so official! I gotta tell you, it was a rush when it was handed to me!
hahaha! Katie signed a photo for me...complete with a personal message :)
 LAYLA! This is a preview of the Softouch Effect - which is a non-shiny finish (not matte!) that is super cool. Just the feel of the polish is soothing.
 Eye pads from Nicka K! Guess what I'll be resting these tired eyes under tonight!
Cute ombre polish sets from LA Girl! I have found LA Girl at Rite Aid, but a lot of people have trouble finding the brand.
 A brand I had never heard of, Precision. These cute  colors just scream summer!
 PUMPKINS!!! I love the glow-in-the-dark pumpkins, and these new cone snowmen are neon AND scented! I am super excited about this :)
 The brush army at the Shany booth is poised to take over the world.
 The Beauty Treats booth offered a variety of polishes and make-up, as well as these cute items! I don't know about you, but I'm a sucker for fruity lip gloss!
 And last, but certainly NOT least - HOLOS FROM COLOR CLUB! I will need to check on the release date on this collection. I tell ya, I have never much been a fan of holos. But being here, and see all this new stuff, it kind of makes me excited for them.
And my swag today. AWESOME HAIR STUFF DAY. I went to a presentation for Rusk Keratin Smoothing Treatment, and it was very informative :) more day to go!