The one with Nicka K's Cosmoprof Booth!

Hello out there! I'm back from Vegas, halfway refreshed and not even remotely back to normal! But that's not stopping me from continuing my coverage of what I saw and who I met at Cosmoprof 2012! Let's continue today with a new-to-me brand, Nicka K!

Founded in 1995 in New York, has a reputation of offering quality make-up at affordable prices. Several brands fall under Nicka K, including NK, Tyche, Pincatt, and others. What did I see at their Cosmoprof booth?

Nail polish of course!! Nicka K offers a wide range of colors in their regular line of nail they are coming out with a new line of magnetics!

Polish remover pads are where it's at! I love polish remover pads! I wish all polish could be remover with a simple swipe...and these remover pads are one step closer to that :)

 And ooh, perfume sticks! Lovely fresh scents in an easy to apply balm-y stick.

And also, eyeliner pens! These are Nicka K's one art liner pens.

This scented sparkle spray is awesome! It really gives your skin (and hair if you want!) a hint of sparkle to get you through the day ;)

My favorite part of the Nicka K booth was the skin items - masks, eye pads...all soothing and cooling! The eye pads did wonders for my sore, puffy eyes after Cosmoprof!

James, one of the associates at the Nicka K booth demonstrated the mask for us...
Definitel keep an eye out for my review of Nicka K products! I'm really excited about them! Nicka K can be found on the web.