The one with ORLY's Cosmoprof booth!

I was extremely lucky to talk to the communications manager from ORLY and SpaRitual, John Galea, and he was super helpful! He showed us the upcoming collections from the companies, and I have just a few to show you here!

My favorite - and the ones I'm anticipating the most is the Spellbound collection for Halloween! The black polish is an ORLY standard, Liquid Vinyl. Three new glitters are part of this collection. The green is Monster Mash; the orange is called Right Amount of Evil; and the reddish, brownish one is R.I.P. I can't wait for this one!

The Electronica collection is ORLY's 2012 back-to-school collection! "Inspired by the unique blend of nature and the machine, the result is high tech style though a precisely calculated live stream of techno color to fingertips at full volume," according to an ORLY press release, this collection features four polishes: Preamp, a light purple shimmer; Shockwave, a royal blue creme; Decoded, a grey creme; and Synchro, a duochrome pink. They are currently on sale right now!

And for another collection I'm looking forward to...the Fired Up collection! Featuring six shades, this collection was "created to showcase inner power." Colors in this collection include Glow, a taupe creme; Flare, a pale golden shimmer; Flicker, a rust-colored duochrome shimmer; Ignite, a red creme; Smolder, a deep wine-colored shimmer; and Rapture, a chocolate brown shimmer. The target release date for this collection is September.

Ooooh magnetics! Who doesn't love playing with magentic polishes? I found out recently that I do! haha These three magentic polishes all have shimmer. They were released in June, with a $15 price tag. Force Field is the plum color; Paint on Electron is a gunmetal grey; and Opposites Attract is a blue-violet color.

But what about the holidays? The December ones to be exact...Naughty or Nice is the ORLY 2012 holiday collection - which "encourages women to embrace both the inner angel and the devil inside." Six polishes will be in this collection, which is due to hit shelves later this year. Polishes include a hot red glitter called Devil May Care; a pale gold glitter called Halo; a fuchsia shimmer called Miss Conduct; a violet red creme named Unlawful; Angel eyes, a blue glitter; and a deep red shimmer called Torrid.

See anything you like? I am loving these color combos, myself.