The one with the Blue Cross Cosmoprof booth!

Last year around Halloween I saw a display of these polishes in pumpkin shaped bottles at Rite Aid. Some were glitter, some were creme...some were glow-in-the-dark! Those were, of course, a  must-have in my house, as my son adores them. Here they are:
I had NO idea what company made these polishes, or where they came from. I just know they showed up at Rite Aid haha So I was pleasantly surprised to find this company's booth at Cosmoprof! The company is called Blue Cross, and they have a lot of polish offerings! They are the distributors of Savina polish..
I had no idea! I had heard of the Savina brand before, and swatches were available online, but I had never found the polishes myself. They had several displays in their booth, all with different themes. What else was at the booth? I have A LOT of pics to show you!
Nail art pens!
Neon, color changing and scented polish
Snowmen...and snowcones?
Oh yes! There will be new snowman polishes for Christmas this year!
They are are neon! And scented! I'm REALLY looking forward to this set!

Cuticle oil!
anti-yellowing treatment, strengthener and cuticle remover.
I have to say I was just a little bit excited to finally solve the mystery of the pumpkin polishes - and now I know I'll havta start checking out Rite Aid for those snowcones!