The one with Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like!

I've had Deborah Lippmann I Know What Boys Like on my wishlist forever! I was finally able to snag it off Copious for, like, $1 or something recently, so I've been dying to try it! It's a beautiful fusion of purple and blue, and is excessively much so that the layers sort of melted together as I was painting. The formula is a tad thin, so I used three coats for full coverage.

I couldn't leave it alone tho :/ haha I sat there staring at my nails, and I swear I heard them scream "Put stripes on me! White, orange and teal would be lovely!" I couldn't resist the call, and I picked up my It's So Easy Stripe Rite stripers and set to work. It didn't turn out exactly like I thought, but what ever does? I need a steadier hand to do stripes, I think...

My stripes sort of swoop in places, but I shall keep practicing! It takes a little bit more practice. I really like the Stripe Rite polishes and brushes. It's just up to me to practice enough to be able to use them properly. They will be an excellent nail art tool once I get the hang of them ... so expect more posts featuring nail art stuff from It's So Easy!

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