The one with the Deborah Lippmann True Blood Bad Things Trio!

I was so excited when I found out Deborah Lippmann was doing a whole True Blood-inspired line of nail polish and other beauty products. I knew I would have to have the polish, being a True Blood fan, and all. I was sort of iffy about the lipstick, as I can't really do dark or bright lips...but in the coming days, I will also show you the lipstick! haha

Today I have for you the three polishes in the Forsaken Bad Things mini trio. They are available on Shades include Strange Love, a vampy magenta; Bad Blood, a sheer black cherry; and New Flesh, a clean neutral.

Strange Love: This is the sweetest berry-toned color. Reminds me a lot of Zoya Paloma (and yes, I have a comparison at the bottom of this post!). The formula on this is thicker than a jelly, but more sheer than a creme. So while it would be good for experimentation with jelly sandwiches, it's not as sheer as others. Inspiration for this polish came from the character of Jessica.

Bad Blood: I went into this color thinking it was more red. It leans more to the purple side of 'black cherry,' which is okay...nothing wrong with it! :) But it immediately put me in the mind of Zoya Katherine (and yep! another comparison at the end!). Just like Strange Love, the formula is slightly thicker than a jelly, but more sheer than a creme. This shade was inspired by my favorite True Blood vampire - Pam! :)

New Flesh: This creamy neutral, which has a strong pink undertone isn't all that bad. I'm not normally a neutral polish person, but this color would be a wonderful base of many a nail art! The polish is a sweet anomaly...It's super squishy like a jelly, but is completely opaque in two coats. I've never seen anything like it - especially in a neutral polish. I probly won't wear this one very often, but it is very pretty. This color was inspired by Sookie, the heroine of True Blood.

And as for comparisons? The DLs are very reminiscent of the new Zoya Gloss collection....but they aren't dupes at all!
As you can see, Bad Blood is more grape than Zoya Katherine. They both have about the same formula, but Bad Blood's formula is more pigmented, not as jelly.

Strange Love is not as sheer as Paloma, therefore Strange Love comes off a darker berry color. Plus, Strange Love is two coats here, and Paloma is three. So there's a pretty big difference!

So...............? What do you guys think? Winners? Losers? I think they are all three winners despite my not being a neutral polish fan. I'm super excited that I was able to snag this trio - and even more excited to bring you more of Deborah Lippmann's True Blood collection (another polish and lipstick soon!). Not to mention, I'll be moving to my new domain soon! Have I told you guys the name of it yet? hahaha! hahaha! :)

**DISCLAIMER**  I was not paid for this review by anyone. I either purchased these polishes myself or were given gifts as friends because I could not find the particular shade I wanted myself.  I am not a professional nail tech, nor do I want to be. I'm just someone who enjoys polishing my own nails :)