The one with It's So Easy, Progel and Ezflow's areas at Cosmoprof!

AII, the company who owns and distributes China Glaze, has other fun brands under their belt - including the nail art line from It's So Easy and gel brands called Progel and Ezflow. I have some highlights from their areas at AII's Cosmoprof booth to show you :)

It's So Easy offers striper polishes, glitters, rhinestones and other items to make your nail art easier to do (hence the name!) I have a few of these items to try out soon, so be on the lookout! The second photo is some of the nail art one of the associates with It's So Easy created - how awesome are they!? The official site is here.

Next is Progel. I don't know much about gel polishes. I've never tried them. But from what I've gathered from others who use them they are pretty cool :) Progel sells at-home kits for those who can do gel nails on themselves :)

EZFlow is another gel system. They had the coolest colors with their sets! Bright, cheerful summer colors - and even glow-in-the-dark! My son would love those! He's a sucker for all things that are glowy :) The official site is here.