The one with Milani pinks!

Today I've got my least showcased color for! It's no secret that I'm not a fan of pinks. I just don't like the color, and I really don't think it looks good on me anyway! These three pinks are from Milani. I did not like the formula. It wasn't just because they are pink! haha The formulas were thick, clunky and hard to work with :/

First is Juno. It's a nice shade of light pink. I almost could say I like the colors as a nude for me, but the application was so terrible. This is by far the worst of the three I have to show you today. You can see, on my ring finger, just how thick and weird the polish ended up.

The formula on U Pinky Swear wasn't as bad as on Juno.  It was certainly on the goopy side, and it sort of pooled at the end of my nails. The color reminds me of Pepto Bismol.

Finally, the best of the three, Fuchsia Fierce. This bright hot pink had a decent formula. It was still a little gummy, tho. It could probly be salvaged with some thinner, and I will definitely add some next time I go to use this one.

Do you have these polishes? Did you have trouble with application? I'm hoping it's not just me :) Next week, I'm thinking of starting a new weekly feature where my son chooses my nail polish or make-up (Did I mention I'm going to start doing make-up posts as well as nails?).

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