The one with NickaK New York Color NY135

Ok, you all know me and orange. Orange and I are likes peas and carrots. I haven't met an orange polish I haven't liked. And this Nicka K New York polish is no exception! At Cosmoprof I was afforded the opportunity to meet with the Nicka K people...and they are super nice and helpful! I have several items from them, actually, to review (a few I'm super excited about!), so let's kick this off with the polish :)

NY135 is a bright, vibrant orange creme. No shock that I chose this color, right? It's beautiful...but I could be biased. I love all the oranges! :)
It'a not's a really creamy orange. I wish I had the right words to describe it! Possibly tangerine? haha Formula-wise it was pretty easy to put on. No streaking or goopiness. I can't wait to try more of these polishes :) Of course, I'll still on a Sticks 'n Stones kick. So, yes, I had to top this with Sticks n Stones :)
I think Sticks n Stones looks great over orange! I haven't had a color it didn't look good, over, tho...

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