The one with some Fail Art - The Flash nails

I used to reserve my fails for Thursday posts, but I think I'm going to start featuring my Fail Arts anytime I want - maybe even two times a week hahahah I got inspired by my T-shirt (is that every a good sign?). I was wearing a The Flash T-shirt last night (cause I'm a superhero junkie), so I decided to try his logo on my nails. It couldn't be that hard, right?


My lightning bolts just look like little squiggly worms. They don't look like lightning at all. I think maybe the Art Deco striper was not thick enough, not one-coater enough. The base is the brilliant red of Salon Perfect Spicy Tomato. I LOVE this red!! I made the white circles with a Stripe Rite white striper polish, and of course, the bolts were made with the yellow Art Deco striper. I wonder if this would have gone better if I'd used a regular polish and a nail art brush? Maybe I'll try that next time...and for good measure, here's the T-shirt I was inspired by :)

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