The one with stickers, GITD and Halloween, oh my!

I don't normally do posts after I make huge purchases, or hauls, or anything like that; but today was different. I went to Rite Aid! So what, right? Well, they have their Halloween stuff out!!! Glow-in-the-dark pumpkins, Fantasy Makers vampy looks and nail art galore!

So yeah, I got a little excited...

Nail appliques!! Halloween-themed nail stickers :) I bought more than a few of those ;)

Glow-in-the-dark polishes with blinking caps! How cool is that? 

Hair color and colored mascara. I think the girl in the display looks a little like Emma Stone...and I thought her hair looked neat :)
 Black light pumpkins! (I thought I took a pic of the GITD pumpkin display, but I can't seem to find it!) Also in that display are pans of makeup paint and dual-ended polishes. Right next to them is a display for WnW Fantasy Makers eye shadow pallettes! I actually think they look super cool. If I hadn't already had way too much in my basket, I would have grabbed one or two :)

And a few small displays from a company called Healy's! They had two different Halloween nail art kits, and two different nail jelly-sticker things... I know you're all probly wondering what I bought, right?

Who knows...some of this might just be for a giveaway :)