The one with Sticks 'n Stones!

I will be honest with you guys. I used to think black and white glitter polishes were dumb haha I didn't get them, I didn't understand why people liked them so much...and to a degree I still don't understand. But I will tell you that I love the Cover Band polish Sticks 'n Stones. Available only at Ninja Polish, this mix of black and white matte glitter in just about every imaginable combination is magic. The first time I put it on, I fell in love. I can't explain it.

Here is the awesomeness over a murky grey shimmer - Catrice London's Weather Forecast. I think Sticks 'n Stones looks best over grey :)

But, for the sake of argument, how does it look over a different color? A bright blue perhaps? Maybe another polish you can pick up at Ninja Polish say...Layla Softouch Effects Aqua Zen?
Now I'm officially of the camp that Sticks 'n Stones looks best over this bright blue! I so plan to experiment with this glitter polish - many, many many times in fact! What is your favorite color to use as a base for Sticks 'n Stones? I plan to do another post dedicated to Sticks 'n Stones in the future...and who knows, I might choose your favorite look!

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